December Math Pack

I made some activities to practice the numbers 1-100. This pack includes counting by ones, twos, fives, and tens. You will see colorful number cards that can be sequenced in a pocket chart or on the floor. Then, students will be able to complete the corresponding activity sheet. 

You can incorporate these activities with lessons that focus on:
*Naming numbers
*Ordering numbers
*Writing numbers
*Identifying numbers that come before a given number
*Identifying numbers that come after a given number
*Skip counting and writing by 2s
*Counting by 2s fluency (use the I have. Who has? cards)
*Skip counting and writing by 5s
*Skip counting and writing by 10s
*Counting forward (and writing) from any given number
*Simple addition up to twelve with two dice (use roll and cover mats)

Here is free roll and cover mat.


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  2. I am glad that you can use this :)


  3. SO cute!!! Thanks for sharing your freebie! :)


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