Christmas Ornament Keepsake

Do you like to make Christmas Ornament Keepsakes?  It is so much fun decorating the Christmas tree with ornaments that our kids make at school year after year.  It is just as fun to make them at school with our students, wrap them up and send them home as a Christmas gift.  We know that parents are waiting for this little gift with anticipation. There are so many little ornaments that we can make. Some require a lot of teacher preparation and others a little less. 

DIY Stained Glass Christmas Ornament:

Materials Needed:

-A picture from a coloring book
-Transparency paper
- Aluminum Foil Paper
-Black construction paper

How to make it:

1. Use a printer to copy the coloring book picture onto transparency film. 
2. Cut around the picture on the transparency copy in the shape of a circle. The size of this circle will determine the size of the foil paper.
3. Cut the aluminum foil paper into a circle pattern just a little larger than the size of the copy in step #2. (Crumble the paper, then open it and smooth it out a bit. Do not crumble the paper too much because you will have a hard time trying to open it back up.)
4. Cut the black construction paper into a circle pattern the same size as the one in step #2 (The round transparency page with the picture on it.)
5. The child will use bright markers to color the picture on the transparency film.
6. The child will use a black sharpie to trace all the lines on the picture.
7. Take the colored picture, hold it faced-down, place it on top of the foil paper.
8. Fold the excess foil paper forward to hold the transparency picture in place.
9. The black circle that you cut out of construction paper will go behind the foil paper. Now, staple the layers together.
10. Make a small hole at the top of the ornament and tie a small ribbon.
11. Hang it on your Christmas tree and enjoy!

The Santa ornament can be made with a paper tube, construction paper, cotton balls and a sharpie. I found that idea here. I love it!

This ornament was shaped with pipe cleaners. 
Just not sure of the material used to decorate it, but I love it!
I'll try to find out from the teacher and let you know.

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