Turkey Family Project

Have you ever added a turkey in disguise project to your Thanksgiving unit? In the past, we have always done a simple "Decorate the Turkey" family project. Students decorate the turkey and have fun finding items around the house to decorate those feathers. Some items have included  Froot Loops, sequins, stickers, and colorful pom poms. The turkey projects are usually very colorful and students have come up with some neat ideas.

Well, I have heard of disguising a turkey before, but I had never tried it until this year. My son had to do a "Disguise the Turkey" family project. When I asked him what disguise he would like for his turkey, he immediately said "BATMAN!!" We used construction paper, feathers, and colored wiggley eyes. It came out adorable! Here it is:)

Here is a close-up:)

Oh, wait. I published this post by mistake last night.
THIS morning he wanted to add a CAPE to his Batman Turkey:) 
Ha, ha. He wore his Batman shirt to 
school today, to match :) Sooooo, here is the complete project.

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