Apr 12, 2014

Easy Easter Basket

Does your class make baskets for Easter? Try using empty milk jugs. Students can bring them in, or you can ask a local borden milk factory for donations.

Simple Instructions

1. Cut the top front of the container to create an opening. Do not cut the handle so that students can carry it easily.
2. Use construction paper to add the eyes, nose and ears.
3. Use one pipe cleaner. Cut it in half. Bend each piece in half to get the small whiskers.

Meaningful Egg hunt

In the plastic eggs, include a sight word, cvc word or any word with a learned spelling pattern.  After the egg hunt, tell students that they need to go through their easter eggs to find the "magic" word (one of your choice). Whoever has the egg with the target word will receive a small prize, like a special sticker.

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